It’s the way we roll!

Hire an International Travel Chef to be with you anywhere worldwide. This exclusive service is mainly used by company executives but can also be used by families renting a property whilst on holiday. Depending on the property and wishes of the client the chef can either live in or close by. No matter how long your require our service we are always able to adapt to your requirements. Early planning is advised for this service as visas may need to be applied for.

Destinations travelled to so far include:

  • Miami, USA

  • Las Vegas, USA

  • Monaco

  • Cannes & Antibes, France

  • Geneva, Switzerland

  • London, UK

  • Riyadh, KSA

  • Jeddah, KSA

  • Lisbon, Portugal

  • Faro, Portugal



Agency Chef

Agency Chef

We are able to find agency chefs for a long term placement or just hire us as a relief chef.

James is your support centre to help you get out of the weeds. If any of these apply to you then I could be the answer!


  • Need help to cover the busy periods.

  • Need a Chef to cover Holidays

  • Need a Chef you can rely on when staff fall sick

  • Holding a big event and just need an extra pair of hands.


For an immediate response please call James on 609348803 or alternatively request a call back by filling out our contact us form, leaving your message and details, and we will get back to you ASAP.


Restaurant Consultancy

You may have just received the keys to your dream, and suddenly feel overwhelmed.

From the very beginning James will help ‘you’ decide which style and route is best to take depending on surrounding factors. From here on James will guide you to put your systems in place so your are able to reach your goals quicker. We always like to guide our clients rather than tell them what to do so you are learning as we go. In the future you are able to take 100% control of your business and understand the reasons for your decisions.

James can also help you with:

  • Hiring Staff (and firing if required)
  • Writing Menus
  • Staff Training (front & back of house)
  • Implement Systems
  • Balance Accounts