Thai Nights

Thai Street Food at Home 

Most peoples perspective of hiring a personal chef in the home is white gloved butlers serving the guests with pretentious food to go with it. We wanted to get away from that and thought what better way than to introduce Thai nights. Were just make it about flavor packed authentic dishes that you can enjoy with friends over a few Singha beers. Its up to you how it works, you can either just hire the chef to prepare the dishes and serve family style or make it that bit easier and add a waiter or two.   

Sample Menu  

Papaya Salad

Pork Satays

Crunchy Prawn Cakes  

Aromatic Prawn Curry with a Cucumber Relish 

Chicken and Green Melon Curry

Stir Fried crispy Pork with Broccoli 

All served with steamed rice and morning glory

Banana in a Coconut Crepe 


For more information please contact us.  

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