Cooking Tips


With Valentines coming up you maybe thinking about cooking for your other half. Here are our 5 do’s & don’t to improve your cooking skills.


Cooking tip 1.


Getting the Correct Temperature is vital to cooking anything well. When cooking proteins you need a hot pan to create what’s called the maillard reaction. This is the name granted to the browning that gives the item a good colour and where different flavor compounds are created. If the pan is too cold the item will not acquire flavor and will instead almost steam in its own juices.

Cooking tip 2.

Use the correct sized pan.

Once you have got your pan to the correct heat, it is time to put that beautiful piece of bass in. But what if the frying pan you are using is way too big for the fish?. What will happen is that the outside of the pan will heat much quicker than the center where the fish is, so the edge of the fish will be brown or even blacken. Meanwhile the center will not have a crisp skin which is what you should be looking for.

Cooking tip 3.


When I say season, I mean Salt. Adding salt will enhance flavor while adding pepper will add or change the flavor. Thomas Keller of the French Laundry encourages chefs to season their roasting joints the day before so the salt can penetrate, giving a better flavor.

Cooking tip 4.

Cook in batches.

This also comes back to getting the correct temperature. When you add the food to a hot pan the temperature instantly drops. A great example of this is when boiling vegetables. Green vegetables are mostly affected by this mistake as they should always be cooked in boiling salted water. Cooking in boiling water will prevent the loss of colour and the vegetable being soggy.


Cooking tip 5.


When cooking with wine remember this, if it is not good enough to drink it is not good enough to cook with. You don’t need to go mad but cheap wine that’s highly acidic will affect your end result


These are our 5 more cooking tips that will get you cooking like a pro.

Top 10 Cooking Tips

Cooking tips from a professional chef


We have put together our top 10 cooking tips from a professional chef to help you improve your cooking skills and make your dinner parties more memorable.

1. Buy Quality Produce

It doesn’t matter how good a cook you are, if you don’t buy quality produce don’t expect a quality end product. Spend time to source your ingredients.

2. Where to buy

Always try to buy your meats from your local butcher. The quality of supermarket vacuum packed meats is of very low grade with unnormally long shelf life expectancy. Plus, you’re supporting a local business owner.

3. Bringing Roasting Joints

When roasting, you cook at high temperatures for long periods of time. By brining the meat before roasting it will remain more moist giving you a more juicy meal.

4. Probes

Even though brining your meats will make them juicier there is the risk of overcooking them. So buy yourself a probe.

5. Keeping it Green

Adding salt to the water when cooking green vegetables avoids them fading their colour or turning grey.

6. Chill it

When blanching vegetables always do so in boiling water and then chill in iced water. This method instantly stops the cooking process and helps vegetables keep their vibrant colour.

7. Have a Pulse

When cooking pulses don’t add salt to the water as they will take longer to cook.

8. Taste

Tasting your food as you go is extremely important. If you leave it to the end you won’t give yourself any time to correct the seasoning.

9. It Needs to be Done

Clean as you go. However big your kitchen is, its rarely big enough so keep all work tops as clear as possible.

10. Personal Chefs make it Easy

If you have any problems in the kitchen, consider hiring a personal chef!

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