Marble Factory in Andalucia Makes Plates for the Best Chefs in the World

It started as a way to get some more income since sales from chimneys and columns were quickly dropping. However, this company from Almería, never thought their inMarmol marble tableware would have so much success. Clients for Sabiota Innova now include prestigious chefs like Ferrán Adriá, Arzak and Sergi Arola that use these handcrafted plates to show off their creations, and the list keeps on growing. They are also very popular internationally and can be found in restaurants like Melrose Place in Los Angeles and in New York’s Fifth Avenue. These innovative plates are currently only being sold to chefs that are looking to be a bit different, and prices can be quite high. However the company is considering opening sales to the general public in the future. Worth a look if you want to bring something a bit different to your table.
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Platos Marmol Macael
Marmol de Macael