Salad with Figs, Buffalo Mozzarella and Basil

This salad with figs is so simple, all that’s needed is quality produce. For 6 12 fresh, ripe figs 1 small bunch basil 6 buffalo mozzarellas Maldon salt Juice of 2 lemons Extra virgin olive oil Remove the mozzarella from the liquid and leave to drain so they become firmer. Pick the basil leaves from their stalks and wash the leaves under cold water. Wash the figs and cut off the top of the stem. Cut each fig through its stem in half and then into quarters. Tear the mozzarella into half and then into quarters. Add three times the amount of oil to the lemon juice. Place the figs and mozzarella on to individual serving plates. Place several leaves over the cheese and figs. Season with salt and pepper. Drizzle the dressing over the top and serve immediately.


Did you enjoy this recipe? Take a look at our Panna Cotta recipe.

Vanilla Panna Cotta

These are a great finish to a meal. You can infuse the cream with any flavour to mix it up but this is a Vanilla Panna Cotta.

Makes 8

1 vanilla pod
750 ml cream
4 tbs milk
150g sugar
3 geletine leaves
1 orange zest

Soak geletine in cold water and scrape seeds from the vanilla pod.
Bring all ingredients except geletine to the boil.
Remove from heat.
Squeeze geletine free of water and whisk into cream mixture.
Strain the mixture and place in the fridge.
Mix gently every 10 minutes until almost set and then pour into moulds.
Leave in the fridge until completely set.
Dip moulds in hot water to remove the panna cotta from the mould.

Courgette Frittata

Frittata is a tasty and easy dish, this courgette frittata is ideal for a quick lunch or supper.

Serves 6

8 organic eggs
2 small courgettes
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 garlic cloves in paste
1 small bunch of basil leaves
Maldon salt and pepper
50g parmesan

Preheat the oven to 200*

Trim the courgettes, slice thinly at an angle.
Heat the oil in a ovenproof nonstick frying pan.
Add the courgettes and garlic.
Fry until brown and add 3/4 of the basil and salt and pepper to taste.
The courgettes should be dry.
Break eggs into a bowl and whisk lightly.
Add the eggs to the pan and place in the oven.
When the eggs are cooked sprinkle over the parmesan and remaining basil.


Turn out onto a plate and serve your courgette frittata on a board for guests to tuck into.

Focaccia Dough Recipe

Focaccia is a flat oven-baked italian bread. It may be topped with herbs or other ingredients.

Focaccia Dough Recipe For 6

• 2 teaspoons granular dried yeast

• 225ml warm water (blood temperture)

• 400g plain flour

• maldon salt

• extra virgin olive oil


Mix the yeast with the warm water in a food processor bowl and leave to rest while you get the other ingredients together. Put the flour, 2 tablespoonsolive oiland one teaspoon of salt in the food processor.

Pulse until in comes together.

It should be smooth but not sticky. If needed you can add more flour.

Remove from bowl to a clean surface and kneed for a couple of minutes. Grease a clean bowl with olive oil and leave the dough to rest inside with a cloth over and leave to rest until doubled in size.

Knock the dough down and kneed a few times.

Preheat the oven to 225°

This time roll out to the size of your baking tray and leave to rest again.

Once risen place in the oven for around 12 minutes or until they are light brown.