Cooking Tips


With Valentines coming up you maybe thinking about cooking for your other half. Here are our 5 do’s & don’t to improve your cooking skills.


Cooking tip 1.


Getting the Correct Temperature is vital to cooking anything well. When cooking proteins you need a hot pan to create what’s called the maillard reaction. This is the name granted to the browning that gives the item a good colour and where different flavor compounds are created. If the pan is too cold the item will not acquire flavor and will instead almost steam in its own juices.

Cooking tip 2.

Use the correct sized pan.

Once you have got your pan to the correct heat, it is time to put that beautiful piece of bass in. But what if the frying pan you are using is way too big for the fish?. What will happen is that the outside of the pan will heat much quicker than the center where the fish is, so the edge of the fish will be brown or even blacken. Meanwhile the center will not have a crisp skin which is what you should be looking for.

Cooking tip 3.


When I say season, I mean Salt. Adding salt will enhance flavor while adding pepper will add or change the flavor. Thomas Keller of the French Laundry encourages chefs to season their roasting joints the day before so the salt can penetrate, giving a better flavor.

Cooking tip 4.

Cook in batches.

This also comes back to getting the correct temperature. When you add the food to a hot pan the temperature instantly drops. A great example of this is when boiling vegetables. Green vegetables are mostly affected by this mistake as they should always be cooked in boiling salted water. Cooking in boiling water will prevent the loss of colour and the vegetable being soggy.


Cooking tip 5.


When cooking with wine remember this, if it is not good enough to drink it is not good enough to cook with. You don’t need to go mad but cheap wine that’s highly acidic will affect your end result


These are our 5 more cooking tips that will get you cooking like a pro.


Bullipedia, the new culinary encyclopedia from El Bulli

Bullipedia (, a new project similar to Wikipedia, was recently introduced by the popular chef Ferrán Adriá. Its objective will be to create a catalogue that will organize the history, products and techniques used generally in the kitchen and at El Bulli, the restaurant that used to be owned and managed by him. El Bulli was considered the best restaurant in the world in 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. It closed its doors in 2011 to become El Bulli Foundation, a non profit organization dedicated to carrying out research in culinary sciences.

“Bullipedia is a unique project that will allow El Bulli Foundation to publish the information generated by the organization apart from creating new knowledge”, declared Adriá. This new tool will allow chefs and teachers to incorporate new cooking technologies in their day to day work, he added. The chef also made very clear that access to Bullipedia will not be free since quality information on internet never is.

Ferran Adriá is considered an artist in the kitchen who has introduced several new culinary techniques such as the deconstruction (which consists in isolating several ingredients in a dish only to reconstruct them in a completely different way), the use of foams, spherification (the process of shaping liquid into spheres with alginate), and the use of liquid nitrogen. The Bullipedia project will officially open in 2014.

Via El Pais and Wikipedia