Super Bowl Snacks

We’re days away from the Super Bowl Final. Its set to be a big one between these two teams so we have come up with a great Super Bowl Snacks Food Menu to get us through the game. We’re kicking off with an NFL classic of homemade baked nachos with sour cream and guacamole, shortly followed up by boneless smoked chicken wings glazed with our secret barbecue sauce. 2nd Down will be a couple of pizzas off the barbecue. We’re gonna go with Chorizo and Hail Mary Jalapenos, and a Spicy meatball on a tomato vodka sauce. No game would be complete without a burger so it has to be the classic American pulled pork. I’ve never seen this on a menu anywhere but in the US, and I love ‘em. Slow roasted shredded pork shoulder with balsamic red onion jam in a soft bap. Washed down with an IPA it is absolutely amazing. These guys take around 5 hours to prepare from start to finish but are really easy so don’t be put off. They are definitely worth it!!


Baltimore Ravens 34-31 San Francisco 49’s 2013


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