Sous Vide

SOUS VIDE is the culinary innovation of modern times. Even tho Sous Vide has been used since the 70´s it is only in recent years that this technique is being used in professional and domestic kitchens. In professional kitchens Sous Vide is now like any other cooking technique such as poaching or frying but the difference is we can finally achieve perfectly cooked goods every time. The most important ingredient in cookery is getting the correct heat and time. With SV we eliminate the chance of over cooking and get perfect results everytime. This doesnt mean that you can leave a side of beef in the water bath exceeding the guidelined timings and expect it to be perfect. The meat will look to the disired degree but if left to long the meat will become tough.

I recently worked with Jean-Cristophe Novelli where we used the cooking method of SV in a number of dishes. The most obvious use of SV was a cold Salmon dish with a beetroot creme fraiche. The Salmon was first salted and then washed, dried and placed in the vacuum pack and sealed. We cooked the salmon at 49 degrees for 25 minutes. The slow cooking temperature does not extract the protiens from the fish leaving it to the eye in its raw state.

As far as meats are concerned, this new cooking technique now allows chefs to cook tough cuts of meat to medium rare. With a normal tough cut we had to cook for many hours at a high temperature to dissolve the connective tissues into geletine. When cooking at high temperatures we also dry out the meat and damage the fibers but by cooking at a lower temperature for longer periods of time we are getting new textures and flavours that are only available to us using this cooking method.

Bravura also offer Sous Vide cookery methods in their menus as our innovation is based upon the foundation of culinary detail and fundamental techniques in the kitchen.


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