Focaccia Dough Recipe

Focaccia is a flat oven-baked italian bread. It may be topped with herbs or other ingredients.

Focaccia Dough Recipe For 6

• 2 teaspoons granular dried yeast

• 225ml warm water (blood temperture)

• 400g plain flour

• maldon salt

• extra virgin olive oil


Mix the yeast with the warm water in a food processor bowl and leave to rest while you get the other ingredients together. Put the flour, 2 tablespoonsolive oiland one teaspoon of salt in the food processor.

Pulse until in comes together.

It should be smooth but not sticky. If needed you can add more flour.

Remove from bowl to a clean surface and kneed for a couple of minutes. Grease a clean bowl with olive oil and leave the dough to rest inside with a cloth over and leave to rest until doubled in size.

Knock the dough down and kneed a few times.

Preheat the oven to 225°

This time roll out to the size of your baking tray and leave to rest again.

Once risen place in the oven for around 12 minutes or until they are light brown.


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