Convenient Meals at Home

We offer a unique service in Marbella and Sotogrande where we prepare all of your meals for the week. This is normally used as an on going service where each week we come to your home with the chosen menu ingredients and prepare and pack all of your meals in your own kitchen. Healthy convenient meals at home are quick to heat and serve, great for people on the go or short on time. 

If you are on a fitness program we can meet with your personal trainer to provide you with a diet that is easy to follow and and can fast track you to great results.


We prepare 5 different meals with 4 portions of each.

Pick 5 of the Protein Selection




Thai Red Curry

Thai Yellow Curry

Massaman Curry

Butter Chicken

Honey and Lemon Glazed


Roasted Smoked Paprika

Hazelnut Crusted Thighs

Cajun Drumsticks



Pecorino-Crusted Breast





Indonesian Rendang w. Coconut and Lime


Cottage Pie

Meatballs with Tomato Sauce


The Burger

The French Cottage Pie






Ham Hock, Lentils & Chard

Sausages & Beans w. Sage

Pork & Porcini Polpettini



Shepherds Pie

Shank with rosemary jus

Lamb Curry

Lamb Stew

Lamb Kebabs


Fish & Shellfish

Teriyaki Salmon

Cajun Salmon

Lemon & Herb Bass

Soy & Ginger Glazed Tuna

Red Pesto Crusted Tuna

Coconut Lobster

Peanut Crusted Seabream

Swordfish w. Herb Butter

Chili and Garlic Shrimp

Lemon and Coriander Shrimp

Sake & Red Curry Marinated Salmon

Prawn & Mussel Yellow Curry

Prawn & Mussel Red Curry


Pick 5 from Starch & Pulse

Starch and Pulses

Glass Noodles with vegetables and sweet chili

Quinoa with Peppers and Herbs

Kale Quinoa Pilaf

Sweet Potato Mash

Brown Rice

Basmati Rice

Jasmine Rice

Herb and Nut White Rice

Pilaff Rice

Mashed Potatoes

Crushed New Potatoes with Chives

Roasted Potatoes with Thyme and Rosemary

Spinach-Feta Twice-Baked Potatoes

Potato Gratin

Cous Cous Salad

Soba Noodles w. Wakame

Soba Noodles with Aubergine & Mango

Lentil Salad


Pick 5 from Vegetables


Roasted Aubergine w. Saffron Yoghurt and Pomegranate

Blanched Asparagus with Ginger and Soy

Honey Glazed Carrots with Sesame Seeds

Roasted Mixed Vegetables

Stir-fried Vegetables

Broccoli with Cashews Nut Stir Fry

Braised Baby Gem with Summer Peas and Bacon

Chili and Coriander Mushrooms

Coleslaw – Lemon Dressing

Stuffed Portobello w. Talegio

Crusted Butternut Squash w Sour Cream

Baked Courgettes w. Pumpkin Seeds

Asparagus Mimosa

Green Bean Salad with Mustard Seeds and Tarragon

Fried Butterbeans with Feta, Sorrel and Sumac

Cauliflower w. flaked Almonds

Corn on the cob

Corn with basil

Pesto Asparagus

Roasted Brussels w. Walnuts



Gago-Gado (a substantial Salad w. Satay Sauce)

Mee Goreng

Soba Noodles with Aubergine & Mango

Multi Vegetable Paella

Mushroom Polenta

Pistachio-Crusted Tofu w. Roasted Carrot

Winter Vegetable Quesadillas with Honey Mustard

White Bean Fritters with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Caramelized Cauliflower Tagliatelle with Hazelnut Pesto



These are only suggestions, if you would like more options or meet to discuss your needs please contact us 






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