Find a Chef / Christmas in Marbella made Easy.

Christmas is just around the corner and Bravura is almost booked up for the festive period. If you do not hurry it is unlikely that you will get your Christmas wish: to have someone else to prepare Christmas Day Lunch for you. We have come up with a plan to make the tiring chores of shopping, preparing and cooking as effortless as possible. You just order with Bravura and on Christmas Eve we will drop your choice of bird to your door (whole goose or turkey) along with all the traditional garnishes. All that is left for you to do on the day is cook the bird and reheat the side dishes. For those of you that do not want to cook at all find a chef or do not require a full bird we also offer cooked turkey breast which will be cooked sous vide (slowly cooked in a water bath) and vacuum packed per person to keep the meat succulent. Side dishes will include: Roasted potatoes Pigs in blankets Cranberry and herb stuffing Roasted carrot and parsnip Brussel sprouts with or without bacon Bread sauce Fresh stock gravy Cranberry sauce The last day to order is Friday December 20th. Spaces are limited, hurry and order your Christmas Lunch with Bravura now and find a chef.


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