In-House Holiday Chef, Benahavis – Marbella – Sotogrande.

Bravura offer their In-house Chef Service for visitors renting a property on the Coast ante time Of year. We offer a range of packages from the occasional barbecue lunch or dinner, dining al fresco to a full time service to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. This luxury service will be an ideal treat for your partner while abroad to get the most out of your holiday.

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In-House Holiday Chef, Benahavis – Marbella – Sotogrande.

Tickets and Lolita Restaurants Barcelona

Tickets is one of Barcelona´s latest foodies hangouts but you will struggle to get in. After visiting Barcelona recently and knowingly not a hope in getting a reservation in El Bulli before it closes in July I looked on-line and found Tickets from Ferran Adria. When I read in one of the reviews that they were too busy to accept bookings it was great news so we headed down to Poble Sec early to beat the crowds. Unfortunately we were informed at the door that it is bookings only and the next available date is in August.


Conveniently enough, 100 meters away is the restaurant that used to be Albert Adriá´s, Lolita.  Here you will find, apart from a queue, freshly created tapas made to order. There were some great bites to be had in this place. Some of the plates sampled were cured Wagyu which was good but nothing sensational, but I had high expectations for the acclaimed “wagyu”. A must try was their croquettes, made with squid and its ink in panko crumbs.   Also, the truffled honey and yoghurt salmon pulga was fantastic. Make sure to accompany your tapas with a Catalunyan cava.   The restaurant is very casual,there is only one actual table, the rest is a large bar with only stools to sit on.  Prices are reasonable, two people comfortably eating with a bottle of cava for 30 euros a person.  Overall a nice way to spend your evening in Barcelona.


Tickets and Lolita Restaurants Barcelona

Spring Break in Marbella, Spain

Spring Break in Marbella, Spain

Along way from home but Marbella seems to be a rising destination for Spring Break. Americian students studying in Barcelona and Sevilla hit the coast to enjoy their holidays before heading back for finals. I recently had a booking of 18 that had rented a luxury villa in one of Marbella´s exclusive urbanizations and really enjoyed the Marbella party atmoshere. These guys certainly knew how to do it with hiring our services for a full week. Waking up to a cooked breakfast and straight into crazy pool parties was the daily routine with a full on spread from the barbecue for lunch. Dinners were lighter and more healthy with salads and fish with a good kick of asian flavours before heading out to the local bar and club scene in Puerto Banús. And as we do all the food and beverage shopping we saved them on the van rental to pick up those important supplies.

Convenience Foods in Marbella

Ready for the Barbi!!

Bravura offer home cooked convenience foods to save hours out of the kitchen. We will shop, cook and clean as well as vacuum pack all the dishes to seal in the freshness. Your menu will be tailored around your dietary needs so you always have healthy, balanced and conveniently fresh food.

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Sous Vide

SOUS VIDE is the culinary innovation of modern times. Even tho Sous Vide has been used since the 70´s it is only in recent years that this technique is being used in professional and domestic kitchens. In professional kitchens Sous Vide is now like any other cooking technique such as poaching or frying but the difference is we can finally achieve perfectly cooked goods every time. The most important ingredient in cookery is getting the correct heat and time. With SV we eliminate the chance of over cooking and get perfect results everytime. This doesnt mean that you can leave a side of beef in the water bath exceeding the guidelined timings and expect it to be perfect. The meat will look to the disired degree but if left to long the meat will become tough.

I recently worked with Jean-Cristophe Novelli where we used the cooking method of SV in a number of dishes. The most obvious use of SV was a cold Salmon dish with a beetroot creme fraiche. The Salmon was first salted and then washed, dried and placed in the vacuum pack and sealed. We cooked the salmon at 49 degrees for 25 minutes. The slow cooking temperature does not extract the protiens from the fish leaving it to the eye in its raw state.

As far as meats are concerned, this new cooking technique now allows chefs to cook tough cuts of meat to medium rare. With a normal tough cut we had to cook for many hours at a high temperature to dissolve the connective tissues into geletine. When cooking at high temperatures we also dry out the meat and damage the fibers but by cooking at a lower temperature for longer periods of time we are getting new textures and flavours that are only available to us using this cooking method.

Bravura also offer Sous Vide cookery methods in their menus as our innovation is based upon the foundation of culinary detail and fundamental techniques in the kitchen.