Личного и частного повара Марбелье

Мы predlagayem Широкий спектры personalizirovannykh Uslug obshchestvennogo ПИТАНИЯ Шеф-Повар и бутик Событий ДЛЯ nashikh kliyentov. Ето vklyuchayet в sebya chastnyye Ужинов Vecherinki, barbekyu, кушетки и Событий чаша yedy, просто Nany ‘Шеф-кипят,, чтoбы prigotovit “Или мы mozhem Dazhou Путешествие’ с вами lyubuyu Точка Мира. Наши klyuchevyye IGROK коммандос Профессионально akkreditovannykh в кулинарного ИСКУССТВА и imeyut спектры Широкий спросить РАБОТЫ в otrasli,, чтoбы garantirovat “, они получ вы maksimal’no уровень Высокий” ОБСЛУЖИВАНИЯ. Osnovannaya в Marbel’ye, Ispaniya также нанесены в 2010 ГОДУ, коммандос Бравура neveroyatno uvlecheny svezhikh mestnykh, spravedlivoy ТОРГОВЛИ я prezhde Vsego Kachestvo produktsii.


My predlagayem shirokiy spektr personalizirovannykh uslug obshchestvennogo pitaniya Shef-povar i butik sobytiya dlya nashikh kliyentov. Eto vklyuchayet v sebya chastnyye uzhiny Vecherinki , barbekyu, kanape i sobytiya misku yedy, prosto nanyat’ shef-povara , chtoby prigotovit’ ili my mozhem dazhe puteshestvovat’ s vami v lyubuyu tochku mira. Nashi klyuchevyye igroki komandy professional’no akkreditovannykh v oblasti kulinarnogo iskusstva i imeyut shirokiy spektr opyta raboty v otrasli , chtoby garantirovat’, chto vy poluchite maksimal’no vysokiy uroven’ obsluzhivaniya. Osnovannaya v Marbel’ye, Ispaniya i osnovana v 2010 godu , komanda na Bravura neveroyatno uvlecheny svezhikh mestnykh , spravedlivoy torgovli i, prezhde vsego kachestvo produktsii.

Find a Chef / Christmas in Marbella made Easy.

Christmas is just around the corner and Bravura is almost booked up for the festive period. If you do not hurry it is unlikely that you will get your Christmas wish: to have someone else to prepare Christmas Day Lunch for you. We have come up with a plan to make the tiring chores of shopping, preparing and cooking as effortless as possible. You just order with Bravura and on Christmas Eve we will drop your choice of bird to your door (whole goose or turkey) along with all the traditional garnishes. All that is left for you to do on the day is cook the bird and reheat the side dishes. For those of you that do not want to cook at all find a chef or do not require a full bird we also offer cooked turkey breast which will be cooked sous vide (slowly cooked in a water bath) and vacuum packed per person to keep the meat succulent. Side dishes will include: Roasted potatoes Pigs in blankets Cranberry and herb stuffing Roasted carrot and parsnip Brussel sprouts with or without bacon Bread sauce Fresh stock gravy Cranberry sauce The last day to order is Friday December 20th. Spaces are limited, hurry and order your Christmas Lunch with Bravura now and find a chef.

5 Ways to Make Food More Fun and Appealing for Kids

It’s not that difficult!

Having a hard time getting your kids to eat? Don’t need to find a chef for this, Bravura gives you five tips to aid you make meals more interesting.

1. Establish a connection with food.  What do your kids love? Use their current hobbies and interests.  Arrange the usual meal in different shapes and forms to immediately attract their attention.

Owl Sandwich Kermit the frog





2.  Presentation is key.  Make plates look more appealing and vibrant by using bright and colorful ingredients.  Fruits and veggies are great for this!  Cut them in small pieces so it is easier for them to grab and eat. Fun Fruit Fruit Pizza

3.  Same but different.  Serve the usual meals in a creative way.  Make sandwiches on sticks, sushi, fruit lollipops or spaghetti squid.

Sushi Sandwich Spaguetti Squid






4. Play with your food.  Make a game out of the meal.  Invent crazy names for the dishes or tell them stories to spark their curiosity.

Pirate pie Fun octopus

5. Get them involved in the Cooking.  Bring your child to the supermarket and let him/her choose the fruits and vegetables.  Ask them for help to prepare the meal.

Kid cooking Kid flour


Bullipedia, the new culinary encyclopedia from El Bulli

Bullipedia (www.bullipedia.net), a new project similar to Wikipedia, was recently introduced by the popular chef Ferrán Adriá. Its objective will be to create a catalogue that will organize the history, products and techniques used generally in the kitchen and at El Bulli, the restaurant that used to be owned and managed by him. El Bulli was considered the best restaurant in the world in 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. It closed its doors in 2011 to become El Bulli Foundation, a non profit organization dedicated to carrying out research in culinary sciences.

“Bullipedia is a unique project that will allow El Bulli Foundation to publish the information generated by the organization apart from creating new knowledge”, declared Adriá. This new tool will allow chefs and teachers to incorporate new cooking technologies in their day to day work, he added. The chef also made very clear that access to Bullipedia will not be free since quality information on internet never is.

Ferran Adriá is considered an artist in the kitchen who has introduced several new culinary techniques such as the deconstruction (which consists in isolating several ingredients in a dish only to reconstruct them in a completely different way), the use of foams, spherification (the process of shaping liquid into spheres with alginate), and the use of liquid nitrogen. The Bullipedia project will officially open in 2014.

Via El Pais and Wikipedia

Stag or Hen Party in Marbella.

Are you planning a stag or hen party? Then take a look at what Marbella has to offer.

Are you looking into planning the best stag or hen party for a close friend?  How does warm weather, amazing beaches and all night partying sound?  If you are looking for luxury, fun and relaxation then Marbella is the place for you.  Here are some of our top suggestions for planning a stag or hen party in Marbella:

  • Travel in style.  Consider renting a luxury car at the airport or a limo to pick you up.
  • Luxury living.  There are many options when it comes to accommodation in the area.  However if you want to make your stay extra especial consider renting a villa. Apart from the fact that it may work out cheaper than a hotel, there are several advantages such as more privacy, BBQ’s and pool parties on location. Plus, you can hire your own private chef to cook all your meals!
  • Day entertainment.  With its great weather Marbella offers a great variety of activities to keep you busy during the day: plan a game of golf, rent a boat, spend a day in the spa, go paintballing, drive an actual race car, shop in Puerto Banus, learn to make cocktails (while you drink them), take a cooking class, learn pole dancing or belly dancing class.
  • Parties in the Sun.  With 320 days of sun a year Marbella is the perfect place for a beach party.  Check out the many famous beach clubs such as Ocean Club, Nikki Beach or Sala Beach!
  • Night out. Let the bars and clubs you are going to know you are a stag or hen party.  Many of them specialize in this type of parties and if they know in advance they may provide extras for you such as entertainment, special prices, an exclusive waitress/waiter or bubbly on arrival.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need to rent a luxury villa or plan home entertainment, i.e. bunnies.  Whatever takes your fancy Marbella will have it for you and Bravura can help you organize it.     To read our post Top Ten Reasons To Visit Puerto Banus. Click Here